General Liability

General Liability

About General Liability

A general liability insurance policy is the most basic form of protection one can purchase for a business, and it is recommended that all businesses, no matter what size or field, purchase a general liability policy. General Liability policies come in all shapes and sizes, and at the Archer Insurance Agency we can create a customized policy to fit your own unique business insurance needs.  

  • How does General Liability Protect me?

General Liability insurance can help you cover medical expenses and attorney fees that may result from a lawsuit against your business. Lawsuits covered by general liability are generally those related to bodily injuries and property damage that result from your business’s products, services, or operations. Professional mistakes, auto accidents, and employee injuries are not covered in General Liability Policies.

  • Is General Liability the same as Business Liability?

YES. The terms General Liability and Business Liability can be used interchangeably, and both refer to the same type of policy. General Liability policies can vary between different states.

  • Do I need a General Liability policy?

YES, the majority of businesses are recommended to have a general liability policy, no matter the size, type, or field of the business. General Liability covers many of the common risks that can happen to any type of business and is considered the “first line of defense” that a business has against lawsuits.

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