Group Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance

About Group Medical Insurance

Group Medical Insurance plans are perfect for those businesses that want to provide benefits for their employees or who want to take that extra step in increasing employee satisfaction. In the State of California, businesses with over 50 employees are required to offer Group Medical Insurance plans. At the Archer Insurance Agency, we will help you navigate through the complicated intricacies of health insurance, and our job is to make sure that you choose the best plan for your business and your employees.

  • What is a Group Medical Plan?

A Group Health Insurance Plan provides coverage to a collective of members, usually the employees of a specific company or the members of an organization. Group Health Insurance usually results in a reduced cost to buyers, which is usually a benefit to employees or members of the plan. Plans are purchased through the company and are made uniquely for every company.

  • Do I need a Group Health Insurance policy?

In California, businesses with over 50 employees are required by law to offer a group health insurance plan. These policies can be expanded to include group dental and group vision. Businesses under 50 employees may still be eligible to apply for group health insurance plans. If you are unsure whether your business can be eligible for a group plan, reach out to us and someone from our team will help guide you through the process.

  • How does Group Medical Insurance help me?

Having a Group Health Insurance plan has many benefits, ranging from the reduced cost of premiums to the positive effects on employees. These plans are made to be cost effective for businesses and can oftentimes result in tax benefits for employees.

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