Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

About Worker’s Compensation

A worker’s compensation policy is a cornerstone to a financially healthy business that wants to stay up to date with government regulations. These policies can vary in size, however, they are absolutely essential to your business and should be a top priority for every business owner.  

  • Do I need a Worker’s Compensation Policy?

Worker’s Compensation Policies are legally required for any business in the State of California that has employees (Labor Code section 3700) and are an essential part in creating a coverage plan for your business. Worker’s Compensation policies cover benefits provided to employees who suffer from a work-related injury or illness. Worker’s compensation policies oftentimes also include disability benefits, missed wage replacement, medical expenses, and lawsuit related costs.

  • What does Worker’s Compensation protect me against?

A Worker’s Compensation policy protects you against unexpected financial costs and can mitigate the risk of being sued by an employee. Other than covering employees for work related injuries and illnesses, worker’s compensation also helps keep your business in line with state regulations.

  • What is not covered in Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation policies do not include coverage for injuries caused by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, injuries caused by violating company policies, wages for a replacement worker, OSHA fines, and injuries suffered by independent contractors.

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