Fall Is In the Air

Fall is in the air! That means pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters, but it also means fall related incidents. As the seasons change so do the claims we see in insurance. There are eight main incident increases during the fall months.

Animal Collisions – Most wildlife related accidents occur between October and December. As wildlife moves into more urban areas your chances of encountering one has increased. Always wear your seatbelt and be vigilant.

Rear-end collisions – While weather conditions and visibility worsen so do rear-end collisions. Make sure to leave plenty of room between yourself and the car in front of you and be mindful of anyone behind you. Stay alert and put away all distractions.

Parking lot claims – With holidays quickly approaching there are more people packed into busy parking lots for holiday shopping. This means more chances of damage from loose shopping carts, tight parking spaces, and even car thefts. Try and park away from other vehicles and park in well-lit areas.

Snow and ice – During the colder months the roads become much more dangerous. In freezing conditions the roads become slippery, and cars tend to slide. Make sure your tires are ready for the colder months and that your windshield wipers are viable.

Auto thefts/ car break-ins – During the holiday season vehicular theft and auto break-ins rise. Make sure not to leave packages or gifts in your car and always keep receipts in case those items are stolen. Always roll up your windows and lock the doors when you’re away from your vehicle.

Home thefts – Autos are not the only thing being targeted during the colder months. Your home is at risk as well. Keeping your lights on or on a timer and using a motion detector helps deter would be robbers. Do not post on social media when you will be away and make sure to store valuables in a safe.

Fire and smoke – Colder weather means fires in the fireplace to keep warm and candles to cozy up the home. However, this can lead to house fires and smoke damage. Always ensure that your chimney is clear of debris, open the flu before using the fireplace, and don’t leave candles unoccupied.

Water damage and freezing claims – Colder weather can lead to frozen pipes! This leads to pipes bursting and damaging your home. Make sure during the freezing months to turn off your main water valve if leaving for a few days.

While fall is a wonderful time of year it has many hazards you may face. Make sure that you, your home, and your auto are all protected. Reach out to your insurance agent to see if these perils are covered on your policy. Don’t have a policy, give us a call and we would be happy to get you a quote!