Major Insurance Providers take a New Initiative to Prevent Wildfire Damage

We all know the devastation caused in people’s lives as the result of a raging wildfire. In states such as California, this unfortunate natural disaster happens far too often. However, the insurance industry has begun to recognize the importance of taking proactive measures for defending properties against wildfire destruction. This shift in approach can be seen by announcements on the part of major providers notifying their customers of new services that are being offered in relation to homeowner’s policies. With this new focus on fire damage prevention and mitigation, the insurance industry is looking to significantly reduce the physical and financial devastation caused by wildfires.

The services offered by these companies range by provider and policy type, however, the following are examples of what some providers will begin to offer their customers here in California. If you would like to know more about these services, or if you are interested in purchasing them, reach out to us via phone or email and one of our experienced agents will help you with any questions.


The services that are being offered by these companies come in two major flavors, the first of which is physical, and the second is logistical services.

NOTE: The services vary by policies and providers.

Physical Services

Removal of pine needles from your roof: This service includes the removal of highly flammable materials, such as pine needles, from the roof of your property.

Exposed vent closure: This service consists of the closure of all the building’s exposed vents and ventilation structures in order to prevent fire-starting embers from entering a structure.

Combustible removal: This service consists of physical removal of flammable materials, such as furniture and debris, from the perimeter and surrounding area of a property.

Sprinkler system set-up: This service includes the set-up of a temporary sprinkler system as well as the removal once the threat has passed.

Active fire/smoldering ember extinguishing: This service includes active extinguishing by company personnel at the property’s physical location.

Fire-resistant gel application to your home: This service includes the application of of a non-toxic, Class A fire-retardant gel to a structure with the purpose of creating a fire-resistant layer of protection.

Logistical Services

Fire surveillance and monitoring: This includes surveilling local fires and monitoring for new risks in the areas around a policyholder’s property.

Location-based risk assessment: This consists of assessing the risk of one’s property in terms of the location and surrounding are of said property.

Home-based risk assessment: This consists of assessing the risk of one’s property in terms of the building’s characteristics and construction materials.

Monitoring of hotspots: This consists of the constant monitoring of areas that are known to be fire-prone, such as dry areas and fields.